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Client - Johnathan O'Reilly (reposted from old website)

Posted on April 5, 2018 at 4:50 PM

Client, Jonathan O'Reilly, a 9-year old actor with a lot of experience! His TV/Film credits include two TV appearances on BLINDSPOT as a principle; young Peter Madoff in the film MADOFF; young Falcone in GOTHAM; and additional roles in UNFORGETTABLE, ELEMENTARY, LAW AND ORDER SVU, THE GOOD WIFE, THE KNICK, THE LEFTOVERS, ROYAL PAINS, THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA among others!

Client - Jenny Grace (reposted from old site)

Posted on April 5, 2018 at 4:45 PM


Recently was named Best Narrative Feature at Metropolitan Film Festival and had special screening at Hoboken Film Festival, Middletown, NY / NOW ON AMAZON PRIME!


An awkwardly dark, romantic comedy set in Queens, New York. The film follows two very strange people. Greg, a hopelessly awkward romantic who takes things a bit too far in his mind and in real life, he could be described by some (perhaps all) as a stalker. Gwen, is a young woman trying to survive in New York City as a cleaning woman. Her personality disorder leaves it hard to accomplish most things, or even consider a love life. Greg spots Gwen on the subway and is immediately smitten. Gwen doesn’t realize it yet, but she has a very secret admirer.


Jenny recently completed season as a featured performer in the web series Producing Juliet! with an ISA Nomination as Best Ensemble!


Client - Evan Brinkman (reposted from old site)

Posted on April 5, 2018 at 4:40 PM

EVAN BRINKMAN played the role of Allister in the Amy Schumer/Judd Apatow feature film, TRAINWRECK!



Client - Hillary Hickam (reposted from old site)

Posted on April 5, 2018 at 4:25 PM

Bi-coastal client HILLARY HICKAM (in partnership with West Coast based manager, Andy Rooney of Midwest Talent Agency) just signed to play the Lead Role in new Indie TIF Written and Directed by Ari Bustin that will shoot in mid August, 2016.

Hillary is also a Beverly Hills Veternarian in addition to her acting chores. Here she is enjoying the company of Elton John at his recent OSCAR party!

Hillary is also represented commercially in LA by HRI Agency.


Step Forward Client Updates

Posted on April 5, 2018 at 4:25 PM

Note: this is a re-post from old website.

* Stephanie Ver Eecke just returned from a secret month where she will be appearing as a lead on a special hush hush show that airs next year! Understand she was to go to some pretty cool places. So secretive, I didn't even know what or where, just is!

* Anthony Salvador Lewis, in addition to attending the premiere of his new film mentioned below, also co-starred on an episode of a major series that an NDA prevents us from promoting....and joined SAG-AFTRA. Congrats!

* Jessica Perez finished filming a local spot booked via agent, About Faces!

* New client, Marjorie Hayes is featured and producing a show focusing on Women Composers titled THE WOMEN WHO COMPOSE FOR BROADWAY at The Triad on Saturday, December 8, 2017 at 4pm. Good show, you should try to make it if you are in NYC.

* Mauna Kea Chan (Philippine Celebrity Singer) just appeared as a lead in Rob Lester's new Children's show, Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? and was well received in her first NY theatre appearance. She also sang backup for Broadway/TV Star Krysta Rodriquez at THE DREAMBALL in NYC thanks to being cast by Music Director, Eugene Gwozdz.

* Sacco Sarkis recently co-starred in an episode of Blacklist playing an Arabic speaking CIA operative which allowed him to join SAG-AFTRA!

* Cara Guglielmino recently filmed an episode of the new miniseries, 40 North cast by Avy Kaufman. She was Lena Dunham's stand-in on HBO's GIRLSduring its long run!

* Evan Brinkman had a brief appearance in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things! now out for viewing.

* Anthony Salvador Lewis has featured role as Father Matos in updated remake of famous Roger Corman/Francis Ford Coppola film, Dementia 13

Film is opening on October 6th! Also portrayed the classic machine gun gangster in an episode of Bronx SIU.

* Juliette Kida finished her tenure in Austin, TX by appearing in an Indie horror film, Blood Fest after filming a role alongside TV/Film star Chad Michael Murray in Camp Coldbrook in Oklahoma City. She and husband-client, Nathan Bullard now living in Los Angeles.

* Samantha Safdie appearing in a new Indie film RENDER TO CAESAR!

* Rachel Cora Wood had a role in new Summer Crockett Moore produced series, THE BIG DOGS!

* Krystin Goodwin relocates to Los Angeles where she remains as an Entertainment Reporter on FOX Radio with daily reports 12noon-8pm EDT.

* Isabella (Izzi) Mays two commercials - CHEERIOS and BOWLMOR LANES after recent signing with Innovative Artists Agency are out there to be seen. She is the young Princess Leia look-alike fighting over the Honey Nut Cheerios in a "Star Wars" partnered commercial.

* Mauna Kea Chan portrayed a HOT Asian girl opposite popular actor Sal Rendino as Mayor in new LA based series Bronx SIU.

* Alex Eckstorm portrayed a "druggie" in the new LA based series Bronx SIU.

* Paul Skye Lehrman and Linnea Sage back in NY after some TV/FILM work on the West Coast! Fun fact is Linnea is voice of Santa Monica parking ticket machines!

* David Serero performing in concerts around the world!

* Jenny Grace shot an Exxon test spot via her agent, Ann Wright Representatives. Also to play the role of Sarah in new SAG Indie Feature, THE HARD SONG.

* Serge Levin performed in an episode of the FOX TV hit, THE AMERICANS.

* Rhianna Radick is now one of the American Bombshells and recently played Detective Vetter, lead role in a new, TV episode of THE PERFECT MURDER (Season 4) after appearing in a recently aired episode on Season 3 on Investigation ID; she is both a featured actress and singer of her own composition in the new Indie film by Phillyborn Productions to be released shortly; and was featured in both an ACURA and TIMEX commercial. Also recently modeled for UnionBay in NYC;


Posted on March 27, 2018 at 10:55 PM

Tehora, (produced by Robert R. Blume) created and starring Adrienne Haan with an Israeli String Quartet and Piano will makes its debut on October 29, 2015 at Weill/Carnegie Hall, NYC. There means "pure" in Hebrew, was written to celebrate the 50th anniversary of German-Israeli diplomatic relations in New York. Featuring music of 1920s Weimar Berlin, Yiddish klezmer as well as more contemporary music sung in Hebrew, it is a heart wrenching and promising musical story about war, loss, hope, love and forgiving arranged for Haan, piano and string quartet.



A Veteran professional entertainment producer for many years and Managing Executive Producer of the annual Drama Desk Awards Show from 1999 to 2011, Robert R. Blume annually produced a series of quality special events that culminated with a dramatic, star-studded black tie occasion that had been a small, industry-centric awards dinner.

His unique and exciting career has afforded him the opportunity to work with the most talented people in the entertainment industry. This has afforded him the opportunity to bring together a top-flight group of entertainment professionals as strategic alliances. With these relationships, Mr. Blume created Step Forward Entertainment (SFE) in August 2008 to help its clients successfully produce their events and/or shows, as well as develop their respective intellectual properties.